Working papers

Automation and the Fall and Rise of the Servant Economy (with Astrid Krenz), Discussion Paper, University of Goettingen, 2022. [new version 2023]

Higher Education and the Income--Fertility Nexus, Discussion Paper, University of Goettingen, 2023. [paper]

Long-Run Economic Growth Despite Population Decline, Discussion Paper, University of Goettingen, 2022. [paper]

Life Cycle Economics with Infectious and Chronic Diseases (with Volker Grossmann), cesifo Discussion Paper 10141, 2022. [paper]

Life-Cycle Labor Supply and Physiological Aging across Countries (with Carl-Johan Dalgaard and Casper Hansen), CEPR Discussion Paper DP17713, 2022. [paper] [ungated version]

Fair Pension Policies with Occupation-Specific Aging (with Volker Grossmann and Johannes Schuenemann), CESifo Working Paper No. 9180, 2021. [new version 2022]

Renewable Resource Use with Imperfect Self-Control (with Katharina Werner), cege Discussion Paper 408, 2020. [paper]

The Great Divergence: A Network Approach (with Ines Lindner), CESifo WP No. 5638, 2015. This paper morphed into Innovation and Inequality in a Small World (see publications). Here is the original version. [paper]

Elite Education, Mass Education, and the Transition To Modern Growth, (with Katharina Werner), CESifo WP No. 5619, 2015. [paper]

The Economics of Health Demand and Human Aging: Health Capital vs. Health Deficits (with Carl-Johan Dalgaard), University of Goettingen, Discussion Paper, 2015. [paper]

Staying on the Dole, (with Jean-Robert Tyran and Paolo Vanini), Discussion Paper 377, 2007. [paper]

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