Welcome to my homepage! I am a Professor for Macroeconomics and Development at the University of Göttingen with an interest in health, aging, development economics, and economic growth in the (very) long run. Below you find some of my contributions to these fields. Go here for a full list ordererd by date of publication and here for recent working papers.

Health and Aging

The Marriage Gap: Optimal Aging and Death in Partnerships (with Johannes Schuenemann and Timo Trimborn) Review of Economic Dynamics, 2020, Vol. 36, 158-176. [paper]

Smoking Kills: An Economic Theory of Addiction, Health Deficit Accumulation, and Longevity, Journal of Health Economics, 2018, Vol. 62, 1-12. [paper]

How We Fall Apart: Similarities of Human Aging in 10 European Countries (with Ana Abeliansky), Demography, 2018, Vol. 55, 341–359. [paper]

The Gender Gap in Mortality: How Much Is Explained by Behavior? (with Johannes Schuenemann and Timo Trimborn), Journal of Health Economics, 2017, Vol. 54, 79-90. [paper]

The Genesis of the Golden Age - Accounting for the Rise in Health and Leisure (with Carl-Johan Dalgaard), Review of Economic Dynamics, 2017, Vol. 24, 132–151. [paper]

Optimal Aging and Death: Understanding the Preston Curve (with Carl-Johan Dalgaard), Journal of the European Economic Association, 2014, Vol. 12, 672–701. [paper]

A Mass Phenomenon: The Social Evolution of Obesity, Journal of Health Economics, 2014, 33, 113-125. [paper]

Health and Development

Life Expectancy and Education: Evidence from the Cardiovascular Revolution (with Casper Worm Hansen), Journal of Economic Growth, 2017, Vol. 22, 421-450. [paper]

Physiology and Development: Why the West is Taller than the Rest (with Carl-Johan Dalgaard), Economic Journal, 2016, Vol. 126, 2292–2323 . [paper]

50 is the New 30 – Long-run Trends of Schooling and Retirement Explained by Human Aging (with Katharina Werner), Journal of Economic Growth, 2016, Vol. 21, 165-187. [paper]

The Physiological Foundations of the Wealth of Nations (with Carl-Johan Dalgaard), Journal of Economic Growth, 2015, Vol. 20, 37-73. [paper]

Geography, Health, and the Pace of Demo-Economic Development, Journal of Development Economics, 2008, Vol. 86, 61-75. [paper]

Child Labor, Child Mortality, and Economic Development, Economic Journal, 2004, Vol. 114, 547-568.

Other Development Economics

From Tradition to Modernity: Economic Growth in a Small World (with Ines Lindner), Journal of Development Economics, 2015, Vol. 109, 17-29. [paper] [Appendix B]

School Attendance and Child Labor - A Model of Collective Behavior, Journal of the European Economic Asssociation, 2013, Vol. 11, 246-277. [Online Appendix B and C] [paper]

The Long-run Determinants of Fertility: One Century of Demographic Change 1900-1999 (with Dierk Herzer and Sebastian Vollmer), Journal of Economic Growth, 2012, Vol. 17, 357-385. [Open Access Article]

Patience and Prosperity, Journal of Economic Theory, 2012, Vol. 147, 336-352.[paper]

The Determinants of Income in a Malthusian Equilibrium (with Jacob Weisdorf and Paul Sharp), Journal of Development Economics, 2012, Vol 97, 112-117. [paper]

Poverty, Voracity, and Growth, Journal of Development Economics, 2012, Vol. 97, 396-403. [paper]

Social Composition, Social Conflict, and Economic Development, Economic Journal, 2008, Vol. 118, 1145-1170. [paper]

Long-Run Economic Growth (Unified Growth Theory)

Innovation, Automation, and Inequality: Policy Challenges in the Race against the Machine (with Klaus Prettner), Journal of Monetary Economics, forthcoming. [open access article]

Innovation and Inequality in a Small World (with Ines Lindner), International Economic Review, 2020, Vol 61(2), 683-719. [open access article]

Contraception and Development: A Unified Growth Theory, International Economic Review 2017, Vol. 58, 561–584 [paper]

Knowledge and Growth in the Very Long-Run, International Economic Review, 2014, Vol. 55, 443-458. [paper][2009 Version][Online Appendix]

The History Augmented Solow Model (with Carl-Johan Dalgaard), European Economic Review, 2013, Vol. 63, 134-149. [paper]

The Past and Future of Knowledge-based Growth (with Klaus Prettner and Alexia Prskawetz), Journal of Economic Growth, 2013, Vol. 18, 411-437. [paper]

Population, Food, and Knowledge: A Simple Unified Growth Theory, (with Jacob Weisdorf), Journal of Economic Growth, 2008, Vol.13, 169-194. [paper] The benchmark model solved in a spreadsheet [strulik_weisdorf_2008.xls]

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